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Peggy's Pages-Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 8516 District 9-Peggy Barker Legislative Chairman

Updated February 2003


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**VA TO Stop Enrolling Category 8 Vets
**108th Legislation Introduced: Members of the House & senate introduced a number of bills with 2 bills that directly address VFW Priority Goals: Sen. Tim Johnson introduced legislation that will provide guaranteed funding for veterans health care. S. 50, The Veterans Health Care Funding Guarantee Act, is similar to last Congress' S2903 also sponsored by Johnson.  This legislation would guarantee funding for the VA health care system by tying funding levels to medical inflation & the number of vets using the system each year. It would end the annual appropriations battle & improve access to care for all veterans. For further info: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:s.00050
Congressman Michael Billarikis introduced HR303, The Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2003. This legislation would permit service members who are receiving military retirement pay & VA disability compensation to receive the full amounts without any offset.
The 2003 Defense Authorization Act, PL 107-314 (section 636) contains language that provides special compensation to certain combat wounded disabled retirees. The new law allows for a limited form of that special compensation to certain military retirees with at least 20 years of active duty, & have a disability associated with combat wounds that resulted in an award of a Purple Heart Medal or disabilities rated at 60% or higher. HR303 would allow all disabled military retirees to receive their full disability compensation & their full retirement pay. For more info. on HR303 go to: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:h.r.00303
For more information about the special compensation program in the Defense Authorization Act go to:  http://www.vfwdc.org/nls/CRFAQ.htm
**New Continuing Resolution Passed:
Since the 107th Congress failed to pass 11 of the 13 appropriation bills, the Federal Government continues to run on short-term funding bills based on FY02 appropriations levels. HJRES1 continues funding thru Jan. 31, 2003.
This resolution will continue VA funding at the already inadequate FY02 funding levels until Congress completes action on the FY2003 VA/HUD Appropriation. The final amount is expected to be somewhat less than what was proposed by the House & Senate Appropriations Committee. To read the text of the resolution go to: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:h.j.res.00001

Send emails & letters related to Veterans Legislative & Funding Issues to Your Elected Officials:
President George W. Bush   President@whitehouse.gov
Vice President Dick Cheney vicepresident@whitehouse.gov
Governor Bob Wise             Governor@wvgov.org
Senator Robert Byrd            senator_byrd@byrd.senate.gov 
Senator Jay Rockefeller        senator@rockefeller.senate.gov
Repr. Shelley moore Capito  www.house.gov/capito/  
                                            (write your Repr. on website)

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Bills & Other Info. (click here)

HB2001...To restrict access to discharge records at county clerk's offices.*
HB2012...To provide some tax relief to some military retirees.
HB2125...Introduced by Delegates DeLong, Ennis, Manchin & Swartzmiller regarding "gray machines." The bill changes the limit for vererans & fraternal organizations from 10 to 25 terminals. It also adds provision that fraternal & veterans organizations will have to pay 30% of the gross profits to the State lottery Commission.*
HB2258...Delegates Evans, Canterbury, Romine, Azinger, Smirl, Stalnaker & Manchin. To the extent included in federal adjusted gross income for WV personal income taxes, the military retirement income only for persons 65 & older, including survivor annuities, beginning after Jan. 1, 2003 may be deducted without limitation.
HB2313...Delegate Louisos. Current law allows awarding of a high school diploma to veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam who left high school prior to graduation. This bill allows awarding of the diplomas to the surviving spouse or children of the veteran.
HB2309...Delegates Fragale & Iaquinta. Changes the eligibility for PROMISE scholarships for veterans or active duty military personnel from those who have completed graduation requirements after Sept. 1, 2001 to those who have completed graduation requirements before Sept. 1, 1998.
HB2322...Delegate Louisos. To the extent included in federal adjusted gross income for WV personal income taxes, all forms of military retirement income paid after Dec. 31, 2003 may be deducted. Bill also removes limitation on amount of retirement income that can be deducted.
HB2423...Allows a relative or descendent of a veteran of WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam to apply for a high school diploma for the veteran.
HB2434...Creates the"Supplement to WV Veterans Higher Education Benefits Program Fund" to provide WV resident veterans honorably discharged, who were residents at the inception of military service, may receive a stipend of $50/month if attending a state institution or higher education.
HB 2686...Delegate Louisos authorizes DMV to issue a free vehicle "Military Retired" license plate with the branch of service on the plate.
HB 2677...Delegates Browning, manchin, Paxton, Stemple, Thompson, Azinger & Smirl. Requires the Public Service commission to regulate transactions in setting fees for the placement of US Dept. of Veterans Affairs grave markers.
SB  118...To exempt veterans organizations from the WV sales tax.
SB  143...Introduced by Senator Prezioso. Current law provides generally that veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam who left high school prior to graduation are eligible to receive a high school diploma. There are various nuances to the current law, but that is a generally correct statement. This bill proposes to allow those veterans who left elementary or middle grades through high school to receive a high school diploma.
SB   150...Introduced on 1/14 2003 with 33 sponsors. The bill deals with special registration license plates for disabled veterans. On the day the bill passes, 100% disabled veterans may obtain a disabled veteran license plate for $15. plus all other fees required. The registration is good for 30 years.    Current Law provides that certain veterans may obtain the plate without paying any fees: A disabled veteran as defined by federal law, a veteran with 100% total & permanent service connected disability as certified by the WV Div. of Veterans Affairs, POWs, except those who at any time voluntarily, knowingly & without duress, gave aid to or collaborated with or in any manner served any such hostile force,  or a congressional medal of honor recipient.  Excluded are vehicles for commercial use.


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Wilber Spradling Posts the PowMia Flag

1. Achieve fullest possible accounting of MIAs from all wars.
2. Support POW/MIA Recognition Day, former POW Recognition Days &     flying the POW/MIA flag.
3. Oppose downsizing Defense POW/MIA office.
4. Oppose setting time limits on POW/MIA accounting.
5. Enhance Central Identification Laboratory (Hawaii) capability.

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